2011 Annual Report


The Pegasus Foundation improves animal welfare through effective grant-making and education in the United States, the Caribbean, Native American lands and Kenya.

Through a strategy of engaged philanthropy, the Pegasus Foundation serves as a catalyst to help non-profit organizations achieve their potential by forming partnerships and educating the public.


The Pegasus Foundation continued its work in the Caribbean through its partnership with the Humane Society International (HSI) and was one of the sponsors of the Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference held in April in San Juan, Puerto Rico.   At the Conference, Pegasus’ Director of Florida Programs spoke to local organizations about forming a collaborative for spay/neuter objectives and has continued working with the organizations to a successful outcome. An upcoming visit to Puerto Rico is planned to speak at a conference sponsored by the new collaborative.

The Pegasus Foundation’s Caring Fields Education Center in Palm City, Florida, reached both adults and children in 2011 through educational workshops. Since the Education Center opened in June 2006, an extraordinary number of people have participated in Caring Fields Education Center programs. The Education Center sponsored several collaborative adoption events with many animals finding permanent homes.

The Pegasus Foundation worked with several animal welfare groups in Massachusetts, to increase services for injured wildlife.Through its funding, a new emergency response group has purchased 99 percent of the necessary equipment to provide aide to large animals during a crisis.


Western United States:

The Pegasus Foundation continued supporting the spay/neuter work of Dr. Carol Holgate of Desert View Clinic. Dr. Holgate provides mobile clinics for low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations in Kayenta and Shiprock, Arizona. Funds added to this grant were provided by local businesses and private donations.


The Pegasus Foundation began to plan a conference with Second Chance Center for Animals which the Foundation will sponsor in the Navajo Nation community of Kayenta, Arizona in the spring of 2012. Through the conference, Pegasus seeks to enable collaboration between Native American tribes in the Four Corners sharing effective spay/neuter techniques and activities. The Pegasus Foundation plans to seek partners to present a scholarship to a student from Monument Valley High School to go to the Navajo Technical College (or college or technical school of their choice). The student would receive a certification/degree as a veterinary technician and agree to return to work on a reservation for two years.



Animal Welfare $86,500


Caribbean Animal Welfare Program Support (Partnership with HSI)


Humane Society of Puerto Rico $3,500

HSPR started their spay/neuter program in 2010 with their first intervention in Aguas Buenas where 52 animals were spayed and neutered. On May 29th, 2011 they had their second intervention in Loíza with 60 animals fixed. HSPR is planning two more activities before the end of 2011 to accomplish their goal to reduce dogs/cats overpopulation and to eliminate the use of euthanasia as the only method of Animal Control in Puerto Rico. The Pegasus Foundation grant opportunity will help them achieve these goals.

Humane Beings – Humane Society of Dominica $5,000

Humane Society of Dominica received the fourth installment of a 5-year grant from the Pegasus Foundation to increase their spay/neuter program and expand their program for humane education for both children and adults on the island of Dominica.

The Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society’s Donkey Sanctuary $3,500

The Humane Society applied to the Pegasus Foundation for assistance with constructing a stable in the fourth corral. They had received an estimate for constructing the stable and had some funds set aside for this project but still had a long way to go. The Pegasus grant enabled them to go ahead with construction right away.

International Spay/Neuter Network, Jamaica $5,000

ISNN is working to establish a sustainable, cost effective, socially responsible and humane solution for Jamaica’s street animals. Their goal is to relieve the pain and suffering associated with over-breeding through an island-wide spay/neuter program, while simultaneously creating responsible owners and responsive communities through education.

Animal Balance $3,000

Pegasus Foundation’s grant to AB sponsored a 5-day activity program during the week of the sterilization campaign. The classes were free, for 2 hours from 12 -2 pm, over the lunchtime period, and open to all ages, genders, breeds and sizes. All owners had to have their dogs on a collar and leash, or they could borrow one. Day 1: How to understand dog language; a dog communication and bite prevention workshop. Day 2: Leash training and basic commands.

Day 3: Doggie Bath-in. Day 4: Basic health care: How to remove fleas, ticks, clean ears with what you already have at home.   Day 5: Glamour shots with your dog. Best 10 judged by the local vet and Mayor.   Each person received a certificate of attendance.  Each young person received a gift bag of educational materials and stickers. AB trained 2 local people to continue teaching the classes in Cabrera between campaigns, with the help of the AB DR Representative. After each AB campaign the trained local people can teach the classes and AB will not need to bring a Humane Educator to the Dominican Republic.

Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness (BAARK) $3,000

Baark! presented a proposal to outline how a donation would support the work being done and planned by their organization in The Bahamas. After already receiving a generous private donation to meet the start-up costs of their Spay and Neuter Initiative, Pegasus provided funding to run the program and reach their sterilization goals.

Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals $2,000

An education grant was requested for the newly incorporated VSPCA, the first animal welfare organization on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The proposed funds will assist in the successful planning, implementation and evaluation of a nine-month, national educational and community outreach project, targeting youths and adults alike. Through addressing issues concerning animals’ suffering and overpopulation, basics on care and welfare, as well as encouraging Vincentians to see the need for addressing the root of the problem (through spaying and neutering & education), VSPCA, with the assistance of the Pegasus Foundation, will create a sustainable and effective project, thereby increasing Vincentian animals’ welfare today and tomorrow.


Native American Animal Welfare

Desert View Mobile Veterinary Clinic $12,500

Pegasus Foundation has continued its funding of low-cost spay/neuter/ vaccination clinics in Kayenta and Shiprock, Arizona. Through the first half of 2011, Dr. Carol Holgate five mobile clinics were held servicing 159 dogs and cats. Both private and corporate funds were received for the benefit of this project.

Feral Cats


HSTC/HSAPL Joint T/N/R Test Program $4,000

The first project of its kind in Martin County, Florida, the Board of County Commissioners granted a temporary exemption from the current county ordinance banning trap-neuter-release (TNR) and gave permission to HSTC and HSAPL to implement their joint plan in which cats belonging to targeted colonies are trapped, spay/neutered and released. As of this date, colonies are being selected, additional traps are on order, and the project is progressing. It is the hope of these organizations and the Pegasus Foundation, that this program will demonstrate the superior effectiveness and practicality of TNR over the traditional practice in Martin County of capture and euthanize to control overpopulation of community cats. Pegasus funded a grant for this project as well as a grant for the purchase of additional traps.

Horse Rescue


Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation $5,000

As a resident of Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary, ERAF works to rehabilitate abandoned horses with a goal of permanent adoption. Pegasus has continued it support of rescued horses through a grant to ERAF for food, hay and veterinary services.


Florida Spay/Neuter


Hobe Sound Animal Protection League (HSAPL) $5,000

In January of this year, Hobe Sound Animal Protection League received grant funds for their Operation Catsnip spay/neuter program. This report details the use of these funds. Between January 1 and mid-March, 215 cats were spayed or neutered.

Humane Society of St. Lucie County $10,000

Pegasus Foundation trustees approved this grant in 2010. Final paperwork was received in 2011 and the Foundation supplied a grant to this Florida non-profit organization to expand their spay/neuter operations.

Disaster Response and Rescue $51,000


Companion Animals


World Society for Protection of Animals $5,000

At the time of their grant application submission to the Pegasus Foundation in August, WSPA’s focus was on delivering emergency aid and veterinary care to animals affected by disasters in Japan, Vietnam, Chile and India. In one brief month their disaster relief efforts were expanded and they deployed teams to drought-stricken East Africa and snowbound Bolivia. These six simultaneous interventions are keeping WSPA’s Disaster Assessment and Relief Teams (DART’s) very busy. However, with the grant provided by the Pegasus Foundation, their DART’s now have additional funds to deliver quality care and emergency aid to the many animals in need.

State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team (SMART) $10,000

A grant from Pegasus enabled this start-up organization to purchase 99% of the equipment listed in their grant request. The list included personal protection equipment, team gear and large animal gear for use in large animal search and rescue.

Cloud 9 Rescue Flights $10,000

This small organization has flown many rescue missions to bring animals slated for euthanasia to other areas of the country for adoption. They have also flown veterinarians to remote areas which were otherwise unreachable.   With funding from Pegasus and other organizations, Cloud 9 Rescue Flights has grown substantially in 2011 and has added an additional aircraft. All pilots are working as volunteers.

Kinship Circle $1,000

Pegasus give a small grant to Kinship Circle to continue their program of networking through their website to get aid to animals in need around the world.



International Fund for Animals – Marine Mammal Rescue and Research (MMRR) $5,000

In order to obtain the most accurate understanding of the viability of singly released dolphins and whales, IFAW sought funding to place tags on at least six animals fitting this description over the course of a few years. IFAW MMRR will assess and revise institutional disposition protocols based on the results of these tags to ensure that no animals are euthanized needlessly.   This research would also help to establish new protocols that would ideally be adopted nationwide and which would save countless more animals each year.

Cape Wildlife Center (HSUS) $20,000 ($40,000 total grant)

The Pegasus Foundation has funded the first half a two-year grant to support the salary of the new staff position of Mobile Transport Coordinator at the Cape Wildlife Center.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary $5,000

A primary mission of the Sanctuary is the rescue, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and release back to the wild of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. These animals range from small songbirds to bald eagles, squirrels, white-tailed deer, tortoises, pelicans, and many more. Presently, the Sanctuary provides such medical care and rehabilitation for over 5,000 wild animal patients annual. The Sanctuary requested a grant from Pegasus to address a 55% increase in medical costs and 25% increase in feed and supplies.


Wildlife and Habitat $70,000

Marine Mammals

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies $20,000

The Marine Animal Entanglement Response Program has freed over 150 whales, seals and sea turtles from life-threatening entanglements and contributed valuable data to the ongoing search for bycatch solutions.

International Fund for Animals (Whale conservation) $25,000

With financial support from Pegasus, through a collaborative process engaging internationally recognized whale scientists, policy experts and others, IFAW is developing a Blueprint for Whale Conservation Action to inform, encourage and guide US whale conservation leadership.

Save the Manatee Club $6,100

Save the Manatee Club requested funding in 2011 to purchase banners promoting boater safety for the benefit of manatees. The banners were produced and the following is from an August 10 public announcement from Save the Manatee Club:   “Save the Manatee Club is offering a free public awareness banner for Florida boaters. The banner, which reads, “Please Slow, Manatees Below,” is designed to alert other boaters to the presence of manatees in the waterways. They are available, in limited supply, by contacting Save the Manatee Club.” The Club is providing the banners to interested boaters in order to help protect the slow-moving animals. Watercraft-related manatee mortality continues to be the leading known cause of manatee deaths in Florida. The banners provide a way for boaters to play a pivotal role in manatee protection. They can quickly and easily communicate with other boaters wherever manatees are spotted. This is an ideal, hands-on opportunity for the boating public to get involved in helping manatees.

International Fund for Animal Welfare $5,000

Tsavo Park in Kenya has been a continuing long-term project of IFAWs funded by the Pegasus Foundation. Through IFAW, rangers and wardens have protected elephants from poachers and moved rapidly to resolve human-wildlife conflicts. Innovative community projects have been initiated to reduce pressure on habitats and uplift livelihoods to win community support for wildlife conservation.   This project is now complete.

Shark Protection

Humane Society of the United States $10,000

Pegasus Foundation has provided a matching grant (Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation matched grant) for the Shark Free Marina Initiatives Membership Campaign to save sharks from extinction through educating the public, including fishermen, to the plight of the sharks by bringing an end to shark tournaments, in part by having marinas become members of the Shark Free Marina Campaign and keeping the marinas “Shark-Free” by promoting “catch and release” fishing.

Wild Animal Protection – Kenya

Anne K. Taylor Fund $2,500

This organization has received numerous grants over the years from Pegasus for their de-snaring program in Kenya. This program has helped countless wild animals survive the trapping efforts of the indigenous people. The fine work of this organization has been recognized and promoted by National Geographic.

Reforestation/Fisheries Management

The Nature Conservancy $7,500

The Pegasus Foundation is funding the Tilori reforestation project which continues to grow and benefit the people of Tilori and reduce pressure on the nearby forest in the Dominican Republic. At last count, reforestation crews had planted 134,549 fast-growing fuel and traditional fruit trees. Pegasus is also funding a project to build a sustainable future for Jamaica’s Pedro Bank. The Nature Conservancy is working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in drafting an agreement which will identify co-management responsibilities for Southwest Cay Fish Sanctuary.


Help Us Help Them” Fund

Grants and Donations $42,100


This year, JoAnne Matz, founder of the “Help Us Help Them” fund requested Pegasus Foundation to implement a new initiative for distribution of funding–“Help the Hungry Animals.” Donations and grants have been given under that timely initiative.


Treasure Coast Food Bank $6,000

A grant in the amount of $3,000 was made to provide pet food to be distributed by the Treasure Coast Food Bank to those in need. The funds were quickly used and another request was made for additional funding for food. Another $3,000 was added to this grant.

Caring Fields Education Center $6,000

A grant was given to Caring Fields Education Center to continue providing humane education workshops and organize adopt-a-thons.

Animal Birth Control $7,000

This grant was given to the “Angel Fund” at Animal Birth Control. This fund is maintained to provide medical care and spay/neuter surgeries to those in need.

Hobe Sound Animal Protection League $4,000

Funding of this grant enabled HSAPL to provide food for feral cat colonies.

Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation $5,000

ERAF will oversee the distribution of feed for financially insecure owners of horses. Many of the horses benefitting from this grant would otherwise have been given up or gone without food.

No Kill Nation, Inc. $5,000

No Kill Nation is sponsoring a group of volunteers to find and trap over 100 dogs abandoned in the Florida Everglades. The dogs are in severe need of medical attention and food. They will be rehabilitated and placed for adoption.


Safe Harbor Shelter $2,100

Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation $1,000

Creature Safe Place $1,000

Ranch Supply (food for Murray horses) $2,000

Save the Chimps $2,000

Tower of Hope $1,000

Wild Dolphin Project $1,000

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