Elephant Poaching Crisis

IFAW-Elephant Safety & Security-$15,000.00

Through the years, the Pegasus Foundation has developed a wonderful relationship with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. In 2013 we were extremely happy to support their Elephant Poaching efforts. In keeping with our mission, our donation to IFAW enabled them provide financial assistance to wildlife agencies in developing countries to attend INTERPOL’s first Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. Communication and collaboration is key to solving any problem. By informing and enlisting the support of as many agencies as possible to end the human-elephant conflict, African Elephants may freely walk the Savanna for many more lifetimes.

IFAW-Amboseli Ecosystem-$5,000.00

Pegasus continued its support for Amboseli Ecosystem Project in 2013. IFAW’s goal is to secure key corridors in the Olgulului Ol’rarashi Group Ranch that links Amboseli Park to Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania. Rapid development in the Ranches surrounding the park will disable elephants’ ability to migrate to outside the park boundaries for their survival. The project is also providing equipment and training for game scouts, so that they may better protect the existing population of elephants from poachers.

WildAID- Chinese PSA Campaign-$15,000.00

In 2013, the Pegasus Foundation also supported the anti–poaching media campaign of WildAID. The three yearlong media campaign is aimed to educate the Chinese public about the severity of the Poaching Crisis and reduce the demand of Ivory in the country. There PSA’s feature prominent Chinese actress, Li Bing Bing, NBA star Yao Ming and many others.

Caribbean Animal Welfare

Humane Society International-$30,000.00

In 2013 we continued our support and partnership with Human Society International to provide funding for animal rescue organizations throughout the Caribbean. We also sponsored the 2013 Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference held in Tortola. The following organizations were awarded funding this year


In 2013 we continued our support of the Carriacou Animal Hospital, an auxillary branch of the Grenada SPCA. The hospital opened in 2012 to service the islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique. The clinic is open Monday thru Friday and weekends by request. No one is turned away. In 2013 the hospital hoped to perform 350 Spays and Neuters for the island residents.


RSP Martinique continued its Sterilization and Adoption program in 2013. Funds provided by HSI and Pegasus enabled them increase the number of sterilization and castration services for abandoned dogs and cats so that could be rehomed.


Pegasus and HSI continued its support for ISNN in Jamaica. A grant was requested to purchase medical supplies and medicine for their spay clinics. ISNN held two Community Spay Clinics this year. In May, ISNN once again visited the community of Eltham for a three day spay clinic resulting in 231 dogs and cats being sterilized. Additionally, they had an amazing cat team who worked tirelessly – staying for an additional week to sterilize cats at Dolphins Cove, Sunset Beach Resort and the Montego Bay JSPCA. In November ISNN conducted a very successful spay/neuter clinic in the capital city of Kingston, Jamaica. This project was a collaborative effort between the Jamaica SPCA and ISNN and was held at the JSPCA center in Kingston; lead by Dr. Kim Freeman DVM, Pam Lawson, Manager of the JSPCA, and Kim Swaim, Executive Director of ISNN. A total of 51 cats and 142 dogs were spayed during this clinic.

St Lucia

SLAPS is a most unique organization. Providing spay/neuter and rehoming services for companion animals without a home of its own, SLAPS has been active since 1998 relying only on volunteers. Pegasus was more them happy to provide funding for Spay/Neuter and advertising/education program in 2013.

Dominican Republic

AAAS is continuing its expansion of the Sousa El Batey Community Outreach Program which has been established and maintained by volunteers, into the Los Charmicos and Sousa Abajo communities. Their ultimate goal is to control the animal population by sterilization and maintenance of overall health by assisting low income families with their pets and homeless animals.

Animal Balance has been helping animals in the Dominican Republic since 2007. The Pegasus foundation was thrilled to support their expanding humane education program in 2013. The education program is managed by a local person in Cabrera and is very popular in local schools. The program has expanded into Rio San Juan and La Entrada.

Puerto Rico

We continued to extend funding to the Humane Society of Puerto Rico in 2013. The Humane Society of Puerto Rico, formerly Humane Society, has served the Puerto Rican community for over forty years. HSPR operates a facility where animals are housed for adoption, like animals lost and accept unwanted animals. It also maintains a clinic where preventive health services for sterilization, vaccination is provided at low cost and clinical services. The Humane Society of Puerto Rico is the only shelter of its kind in the metropolitan area.

In 2013 Humane Society International and Pegasus were excited to provide funding to FEPA. The Animal Protection Federation of Puerto Rico, Inc. presented to the animal welfare community of Puerto Rico the FEPA 2013 Symposium. This event, held annually, aims to provide opportunities for continuing education, new strategies and updated information relevant to the community animal welfare. Speakers included Maritza Rodriguez of the Humane Society of Puerto Rico and David Pauli of HSI.

Marine Mammal Rescue

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies- Marine Animal Entanglement Response Program $25,000

Pegasus has been a continuous supporter of the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies New England. Since 1984, the Center for Coastal Studies has freed more than 200 large whales and other marine animals from life threatening entanglements. They have also made great strides throughout the years in Marine Geology, Whale and Seal Research and Marine Life and Habitat Education.

 IFAW-MMR-Carolina Skiff Repair $3,000

In 2013, IFAW submitted a request for funding for repair of their Carolina Skiff. The Carolina Skiff is used when mass stranding is imminent. The Skiff and the Harbor Master’s Boat working together are the most effective tools for herding dolphins away from the shore.

The Nature Conservancy- Sea Turtle Monitoring and Protection Program US Virgin Islands $3,000

In an effort to save Sea Turtles, in 1999, the Conservancy created the 301 acre Jack & Isaac’s Bay Preserve to protect habitat of large nesting populations of green and hawksbill sea turtles. A Sea Turtle Monitoring and Protection Program was implemented and the incidence of poaching has been reduced to less than one percent due to patrols, monitoring and research activities on the beaches during nesting season. Today, poaching is almost unheard of on the beaches as Conservancy staff, volunteers and project researchers monitor nesting females, remove invasive species, and excavate nests soon after hatching events.

Wildlife/Habitat Conservation

Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust

General Operating Expenses $15,000.00

20th Anniversary Challenge $5,000.00

Throughout the years the Pegasus Foundation has been a long time supporter ot the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust. Their hard work and effort in working with landowners to conserve and provide natural habitats for its resident wildlife is most commendable. They also collaborate and share funds with other organizations with the same purpose and mission. Habitable land for wildlife is rapidly disappearing, causing its habitants to vanish with it. Permanent protection of land and wildlife is possible and HSWLT enables landowners to achieve it.

Cape Wildlife Center

$2,500.00- Operational Expenses

Open 365 days a year since 2000, Cape Wildlife Center provides emergency care and wildlife rehabilitation. The Cape Wildlife Center promotes and protects the health and well-being of native wildlife and their habitats, which are integral parts of the Cape Cod community. The center also provides wildlife lectures to the Cape Cod community.

Help Us Help Them

‘Help Us Help Them’ is a charitable fund for the benefit of local animals. It was founded in 2000 by JoAnne Matz, LPGA golf professional, who is also the tournament director of the yearly Jupiter Island Club ‘Help Us Help Them’ Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament and Luncheon. Funds generated through the tournament go toward the welfare of animals. Since its inception, the event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to the very generous support of the event participants.

2013 Grants

Animal Birth Control – Angel Fund $49,050.00

Animal Birth Control is a 501(c) 3, nonprofit organization funded solely through membership dues and donations. Although located in Martin County they aid in the humane control of animal overpopulation by providing low-cost spay and neuter services in the city of Port St Lucie as well. Their Angel Fund program was started when they began to receive calls from distressed owners in need of medical assistance for their companions. They are limited to the amount of funds they can spend on each case. Help Us Help Them gladly supports their efforts.

Treasure Coast Food Bank-Pet Pantry $10,000.00

The Help Us Help Them Program provides pet food to families through our established network of partner agencies already providing emergency food assistance to families and individuals in need. The Treasure Coast Food Bank works with local retail stores and with pet food manufactures to obtain donations of pet food and products for distribution. Pets provide comfort to families and individuals, and families struggling financially more than likely will also need food for their pets.

Treasure Coast Hospice- Pet Peace of Mind® $5,000.00

In 2013 Help Us Help Them provided assistance to Treasure Coast Hospice for their Pet Peace of Mind® program, This program enable hospice patients to keep their pets at home with them throughout their end of life journey. This program is available to all Treasure Coast Hospice patients who live with their pets.

2013 Donations

Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation $1,250.00

Florida TRAC $2,000.00

Humane Society of the Treasure Coast $200.00

Creature Safe Place, Inc. $2,500.00

Save The Manatee Club $2,500.00

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary $2,000.00

Other Gifts in Kind

Hobe Sound Animal Protection League – “Paws Forward” -$100,000.00

Soul Dog Rescue-$2,500.00 Florida TRAC-$2,000.00

Desert View Mobile Veterinary Clinic-$1,000.00

Animal Shelter of Pell City -$2,000.00

Cloud Nine Rescue Flights- $2,500.00

Wild Dolphin Project-$1,000.00

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association –Rural Area Veterinary Services-Guatemala Project-$5,000.00

Save The Chimps-$1,000.00

Anne Kent Taylor Fund- $1,500.00

Martin County Community Foundation Spay Neuter Alliance- $5,000.00

Guardians of Martin County $100.00