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The Negative Effects of Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing started out with the appearance of being animal-friendly. After all, what dog especially a greyhound—doesn’t love to run and chase a rabbit? And in the races, no real rabbits are harmed. One would think that this type of sport would be fun for the spectators and contestants alike. However, as with many things, […]

The Detriment of Industrial Agriculture on the Animal Population

Industrial agriculture is a practice that started a few decades after World War II. It involves the use of chemicals and other technologies on a very high scale to produce large amounts of food. This practice has continued to rise, to the detriment of the environment and the animal population therein. Industrial farming is proving […]

Will President Trump’s Plans for a Border Wall Affect Endangered Species?

Since his presidential campaign, Donald Trump threatened to build a concrete wall along the border to prevent illegal immigration. However, the wall might also have a significant impact on the environment; it even threatens thousand of plants and animals in the US and Mexico. Some environmentalists argue that it seems to be impossible to measure […]

Recent Listing Decisions for Endangered Species

Animal´s conservation is being a controversial topic on many political agenda for many years. Endangered species are still not protected by all governments, so there are several organizations (local and worldwide known) which are constantly fighting for this cause. On the other hand, Climate change has recently been added to the list of environmental concerns […]

Is Species Extinction Becoming a Reality?

It seems that Species Extinction is happening quicker than expected, and humans might be blamed for that. Several factors are connected to the increasing extinction; such as contamination, unlimited usage of natural resources, deforestation, among other factors. However, new technology is contributing conservation to improve in marked and determined steps. This possibility is due to […]

Recent Additions to the Endangered Species List

Defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, an endangered species is one that is categorized as very likely to go extinct. Despite conservationists’ best efforts, numbers still fall due to habitat destruction and illegal hunting. Listed below are a few species that have recently become a growing concern due in part to declining […]

Effects of Hurricanes on Coastal Animals

As a hurricane approaches land, everyone braces for its impact—stocking up on food and water, hunkering down in adequate shelter, or even evacuating to higher ground if necessary. But what about the animals that live along the coast? You may not think about the marine life, birds, and coastal species that can be affected. While […]

How Do Animals Fare in the Aftermath of a Hurricane?

The recent barrage of hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean has left disaster in its wake in many areas. While many people have been displaced and left without shelter, transportation, or electricity, one group that can sometimes be overlooked in the aftermath of storms is animals. Pets and wildlife can easily be displaced […]

Effects of Hurricanes on Endangered Species

With the multitude of hurricanes the Atlantic has been experiencing lately, one has to wonder how the rash of storms affects the animal population as the human population digs itself out of the destruction. With many people displaced from their homes, the situation can be devastating for thousands along the coastlines, including endangered and non-endangered […]

Should Zoos be Endangered Species?

No one can deny that the list of endangered and threatened species is quite long, and hundreds more are on the waiting list. But did you know that some activists are claiming that zoos themselves are a form of abuse of animals/endangered species and should be categorized as such? What does that mean? Well, animal […]