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Animals Being Slaughtered for Meat

Many people feel that animal slaughter is immoral. They are outraged that anyone eats meat. They feel that raising animals for human consumption is animal cruelty. While passionate people may have strong feelings, communicating their outrage does not tend to move numbers. You do occasionally hear stories of people who converted to vegetarians the minute […]

How to Protect Elusive Species

Animal conservation is a difficult task at best, but saving elusive species is even harder than normal. Some animals hide so well that conservationists do not realize that there is a problem until it is too late to fix it. Even when they do realize that a species is in danger, this difficulty of studying […]

Cosmetic and Household Products Testing on Animals

Did you know that millions of animals are killed every day for household and cosmetic testing? The animals are forced to ingest or snort test samples, and at times chemicals are smeared in their eyes, skin, and mouth, to see if they will trigger adverse reactions. This practice is considered unnecessary, unethical, and barbaric. In […]

Effects of Mining on the Environment and Wildlife

Mining is an inherently destructive industry, and the mining effects of even a single operation can have a severe impact on the environment and the wildlife that lives nearby. Although there are some regulations in place that are intended to minimize the damage, they are not enough to allow mining and wildlife to exist in […]

Conservation Programs for Kids and Teens

Environmental conservation programs are not just for adults. There are plenty of programs nowadays that allow children to learn about nature and make a difference at the same time. This is a particularly valuable form of education for kids and teens because it gives them a chance to learn about the kind of work that […]

Teach Your Kids About Wildlife Conservation

Plants and animals are going extinct at a terrifying rate. Wildlife conservation groups are doing all that they can to stop the losses, but many people who fail to see the value of nature refuse to curtail their harmful habits or direct resources towards conservation. Teaching your own children about conservation is a good way […]

The Impact of Catching “Dory” on Coral Reefs

A scientific study conducted in the spring of 2016 warns that the popularity of animated movies like “Finding Nemo” and its sequel, “Finding Dory,” may harm the coral reefs they portray so brilliantly. The demand for the types of fish depicted in the movies has led to an increase in the number of clownfish and […]

Trophy Hunting: Good or Bad?

Few things generate strong emotions as quickly as trophy hunting. At first glance, it seems like the impact of trophy hunting on wildlife populations is superficial. But the more you delve into the topic, the more you will realize that the issue is more complicated than it appears. It is true that trophy hunting can […]

Simple Things You Can Do to Help End Greyhound Racing

Have a Heart for Dogs? You Don’t Want to Miss These Four Simple Things You Can Do to Help End Greyhound Racing Today! Do you have a heart for dogs? Does it pain you to see them racing and abused through dog fighting? Do you want to find a way to stop greyhound racing? If […]

Bad Habits That Endanger Marine Species

The general health of the ocean’s ecosystems and all of its diverse marine life is deeply affected by our day-to-day choices and habits. Fortunately, though the situation is grim, we can combat the worsening issue by listening to the professionals in marine conservation fields. There are several significant ways in which we impact our ocean […]