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The Impact of Catching “Dory” on Coral Reefs

A scientific study conducted in the spring of 2016 warns that the popularity of animated movies like “Finding Nemo” and its sequel, “Finding Dory,” may harm the coral reefs they portray so brilliantly. The demand for the types of fish depicted in the movies has led to an increase in the number of clownfish and […]

Trophy Hunting: Good or Bad?

Few things generate strong emotions as quickly as trophy hunting. At first glance, it seems like the impact of trophy hunting on wildlife populations is superficial. But the more you delve into the topic, the more you will realize that the issue is more complicated than it appears. It is true that trophy hunting can […]

Simple Things You Can Do to Help End Greyhound Racing

Have a Heart for Dogs? You Don’t Want to Miss These Four Simple Things You Can Do to Help End Greyhound Racing Today! Do you have a heart for dogs? Does it pain you to see them racing and abused through dog fighting? Do you want to find a way to stop greyhound racing? If […]

Bad Habits That Endanger Marine Species

The general health of the ocean’s ecosystems and all of its diverse marine life is deeply affected by our day-to-day choices and habits. Fortunately, though the situation is grim, we can combat the worsening issue by listening to the professionals in marine conservation fields. There are several significant ways in which we impact our ocean […]

How You Can Contribute in Saving Marine Life

Our oceans and marine life are threatened as never before. The reason is not only climate change. It is also due to the large amount of harmful waste that we are pouring into the oceans, as well as the overfishing that is dangerously threatening marine life safety. Species of fish are in danger of extinction, coral […]

Species Conservation in a Changing Habitat Trends and Challenges

Our climate is changing worldwide. Ecosystems are deteriorating, and species are going extinct. A lot of the causes for the current state of our environment are man made. Biodiversity is an essential element in protecting our ecosystems and human well-being, but this too is suffering because of human impact. Now more than ever, we must […]

Global Biodiversity Decline and Its Effects On Wildlife

Most people hardly pay attention to species lurking around when looking out their window or strolling at a local park. However, if you are the type who enjoys nature, you are more likely to notice that some species that used to be so common are now almost nonexistent. This occurrence is called “Global Biodiversity Decline”, […]

How Wildlife Health Declines During The Last Decade

The last few years have not been kind to wildlife. Some groups have severely suffered more than others. Multiple factors are believed to have contributed to the decline in wildlife health population, and most of them caused by humans. Nevertheless, there is still a chance to fix the problem. The first step is to understand […]


Polar Plunge Will Benefit Cape Wildlife Center This year’s New Year’s Day Polar Plunge at Mill Way Beach, Barnstable Harbor, will benefit Cape Wildlife Center. Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable faces unexpected, sudden closure. Supporters, including the newly formed Friends of Cape Wildlife, were able to gain a temporary reprieve through the generosity of the […]