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Cultural practices that harm animals

Humans are part of a social and technological revolution that is ongoing. Despite the advances we’ve come to conceive as a species, other life forms co-inhabiting the Earth are still victims of ill cultural practices that, for centuries now, have been perceived as necessary for our survival. People rely on natural resources to fulfill their […]

How Wildlife Trade Leads to Animal Extinction

Coffee exporting and trading is worth $20 billion per year and this figure increases every year. If you compare this number to the trade in wildlife that is estimated at $19 billion per year, it will become clear that wildlife trade has become a major industry. The similarity between these businesses stops at the numbers […]

Species Threatened by Extinction

It’s taken a significant amount of time for ecosystems throughout the globe to reach the right self-sustaining balance. It’s obvious that a sudden removal of one piece can break this entire balance. The loss of a single species threatened by extinction produces much more like a sequel. In a more general sense, given that harmful […]

Marine Life Species Endangered of Extinction

There are many animal species, too, much as a matter of fact that is at risk of extinction, on land and in the oceans of the world. For some reason, few people, except for the folks in tune with animal extinction, have their eyes on the endangered marine life species. All life on earth is […]

Species Threatened by Deforestation

THE IMPORTANCE OF THESE ANIMALS AND WHY THEY ARE BECOME MORE EXTINCT BY THE SECOND Animals serve an important role in the world. Each and every one of them adds to the evolutionary process. However, more and more of these animals are getting added to the endangered species list. The Endangered Species list is not […]

The Pacific Bluefin Tuna Might Go Extinct

The Pacific Bluefin tuna has been a staple of many people’s diets. The fish has an integral place in the world of Sushi. However, it is possible that this fish might become extinct. A lot of fishing for Bluefin tuna has taken place over the years, and the high levels of fishing could be threatening […]

United States Pet Statistics

Walking down the street, one is likely to see many families or individuals with dogs and other pets. It seems like everyone has an animal companion of some kind. Nevertheless, the ASPCA reports over 13,600 independent shelters housing animals of all kinds. There are vast quantities of animals without homes. The ASPCA offers this, and […]

The Quest to End Grey Hound Racing

The Grey Hound Racing industry is on the decline. What used to be an industry worth millions of dollars is now a shadow of its former self with the money making sport becoming a money-losing one. Most importantly, it has been blackballed by animal rights group for the treatment of the greyhounds used in the […]

Fossil Fuel Extraction is Leaving Beluga Whales on the Verge of Extinction

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also known as NOAA, recently released a report about the Beluga whales. The findings of this report, unfortunately, don’t make for a beautiful reading. The population of Beluga whales at the moment is estimated at 312, and this number, despite being a rise from the 2011 survey of 284 […]