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Facts About Endangered Species

When you hear the syntagm “endangered species,” you may often wonder how some populations are in such great danger of vanishing. Certainly, we, humans play the most significant role in crushing the chances of long-term survival of currently threatened species creatures like the saola, the Amur leopard, or the Philippine eagle. If we think of […]

Why Vaquita Are Almost Extinct

Vaquita is an extremely rare species of porpoise found nowhere else except the northern Gulf of California. Their name means “little cow” in Spanish because these tiny, chubby porpoises are usually only about four feet long. Though they have few natural predators, the vaquita population has been dropping sharply in the past few decades. Currently, […]

Saving the Red Panda

Currently on the brink of extinction, red pandas join a growing list of animals threatened with extinction. The World Wildlife Organization estimates red panda’s population at less than 10,000 individuals. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defines the species as “endangered because its population has plausibly declined by 50% over the last […]

Extreme Weather Conditions Harming The Monarch Butterfly Habitat

Global climate change includes extreme weather conditions, and those conditions are turning into a significant threat to the environment. High winds can knock door trees, heavy rain can lead to flooding, and drought can wipe out entire ecosystems. These changes can threaten entire species, like the monarch butterfly, by destroying their habitats and disrupting their […]

How The Marine System Is Damaged By Climate Change

Climate change has an effect on every part of the world and on every population that inhabits this planet. The impact is more visible in some places and lands, but no ecosystem can fully escape from it. The oceans look particularly resilient to casual observers, but in reality, they suffer as much as other ecosystems. […]

Gorilla Has Become One Of The Most Endangered Species

Gorillas are among the world’s largest animals, and they are currently in danger of becoming extinct due to reasons related to climate change, human activities that endanger their lands, and constant development measures that disrespect their habitat and needs. Gorillas have a gentle nature, also being a very robust species and the largest primates on […]

The Rhinoceros – A Battle Against Extinction

The rhinoceros once roamed all of the Eurasia and Africa territory, captivating early European people and inspiring immortal works of art on cave walls. Once abundant in their native lands, the rhinoceros’ population once numbered over 100,000 in the early part of the twentieth century. Now found only in Borneo, Sumatra, Namibia, Coastal East Africa, […]

Why Global Warming Is Threatening Wildlife Populations

Climate change is affecting wildlife populations and various species that are having their natural habitat affected by extreme weather conditions and global warming. According to a NASA research, global sea level has risen by 6.7 inches in the last century. Earth has become warmer and warmer due to global warming. This means that animals are […]

10 Animals In Danger Of Becoming Extinct

In this age of technology and globalization, it is easy to think about the progress and advancement of one particular species: humans. In our modern society, what can sometimes be forgotten is that the human race is part of an even bigger global community than our world’s 196 nations. Humans are just one of the […]

Top Ten Extinct Animals. Find Out Why.

We usually learn about a few extinct species like dinosaurs, saber-tooth tigers, and wooly mammoths. Unfortunately, extinction doesn’t only apply to animals that shaped our world by being part of our distant past. Many animals have become extinct in the last few decades, and this is due to a wide variety of both natural and […]