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Top Ten Extinct Animals. Find Out Why.

We usually learn about a few extinct species like dinosaurs, saber-tooth tigers, and wooly mammoths. Unfortunately, extinction doesn’t only apply to animals that shaped our world by being part of our distant past. Many animals have become extinct in the last few decades, and this is due to a wide variety of both natural and […]

8 Animals That Are Being Hunted Into Extinction

Since the Stone Age, humans have been hunting animals for their meat and skin. Food, clothing materials and even weaponry have been sourced from animals. Fast forward hundreds of years later, modern civilization remains highly dependent on animals. Unfortunately, the hunting of wildlife has increased to an alarming rate. These activities have left many species […]

Polar Bears: Treading Water in the Sea of Climate Change

Known as the white bear, the ice bear, the Lord of the Arctic, the old man in the fur cloak, God’s dog, and the master of helping spirits – the polar bear has endeared itself to the imagination of native peoples of the Arctic as well as the animal loving people the world over. These […]

How the Once Wide Roaming Tiger Became Endangered

The iconic black and orange stripes of the world’s largest cat species have become so imprinted on our imaginations, that their beautiful pattern has been used to sell gas, cereal, and to represent strength, speed, and “our wild side”. The tiger is one of the world’s only striped animal species. Variations in stripe colors range […]

How You Can Help Elephant Populations Be Conserved

Elephants are one of the main species to have suffered from habitat loss, human development activities and climate change. Sadly, their numbers have drastically declined since the beginning of the 20th century. Back then, there were a few million African Elephants, and roughly about 100,000 Asian Elephants in the wild. Nowadays, these statistics have significantly […]

Giant Panda: One of the Most Threatened Bears in the World

The distinctive black and white bear is considered a national treasure in China and has become a powerful symbol when it comes to species conservation. Pandas are placid and peaceful animals despite their great size and large claws. They spend the day eating bamboo and usually exist peacefully, rarely expressing aggression at each other. Their […]

Georgia Aquarium announced that it will no longer capture whales and dolphins – Pegasus Foundation

Switching from an organization that was already making deals to import Beluga whales from the Utrish Marine Mammal Research Station in Russia to the United States, the Georgia Aquarium recently announced it would no longer capture wild dolphins or whales. This public announcement was influenced by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) decision of denying […]

Species that are no longer threatened by extinction

Conservationists have made progress in getting animals delisted from the 1973 Endangered Species Act (ESA) and making sure that their species are no longer threatened by extinction. Their dedicated work of protecting critically imperiled species has payed off, managing to settle proper enclosed environments that encourage reproduction and offer favorable living conditions. The ESA has […]

Cultural practices that harm animals

Humans are part of a social and technological revolution that is ongoing. Despite the advances we’ve come to conceive as a species, other life forms co-inhabiting the Earth are still victims of ill cultural practices that, for centuries now, have been perceived as necessary for our survival. People rely on natural resources to fulfill their […]

How Wildlife Trade Leads to Animal Extinction

Coffee exporting and trading is worth $20 billion per year and this figure increases every year. If you compare this number to the trade in wildlife that is estimated at $19 billion per year, it will become clear that wildlife trade has become a major industry. The similarity between these businesses stops at the numbers […]