Greyhounds have retired at the Naples Grey Hound Track – The End Results

Greyhounds have retired in Naples. We hope they all find a good home. Here are the results and what was profited from them before they retired. We can be sure is they did not see any of the money.

In 2016, Naples-Fort Greyhound Track will host four more stake races worth $115,000, including the much anticipated Naples-Fort Myers Derby summed at $50,000. The $25,000 Bet American Floridian was among those new track races for sprinters that were introduced in 2015. The title race was scheduled in December.

A two-day afternoon and evening program of three previous races along with qualifying race is scheduled from January through April. A grand prize of $10,000 will be awarded to the winner of $20,000 Sprint Championship 2016, which will be concluding in the last week of January this year. Four qualifying rounds for Naples-Fort Myers Derby are scheduled in February and prize money of $20,000 is announced for the winner of the final race that will be held in March of the same year.

The last stake race, the $20,000 Marathon Championship, is scheduled for April and will be hosted in a larged cover area of 770 yards. The racing secretary, Ronnie DePari, announced in media, “We’ll have some of the best competition in the country the next three months with a quartet of All-American dogs leading the way.”

Ronnie has also pointed out two of the hot favorites, Red Utopian and Flying Universe, ranked as a winner and first runner-up respectively in the final season that was held in Miami at Flagler Dog Track.

The upcoming races will see a comeback of B’s Headliner, a former Derby champion, and Flying Mike Tyson. Also Homemade Money, a top-ranked newcomer with a record of winning nine races in the start of its career, will also grace the race tracks.

Where are they now?