Pegasus Foundation Initiatives

The Pegasus Foundation has developed and undertaken initiatives to combat wildlife destruction that is not otherwise being addressed adequately. These initiatives include:

Protection of Mute Swans

Free-ranging swans are now a naturalized, and magnificently beautiful, part of our environment. There is no evidence that swans are responsible for meaningful environmental alteration. Yet, Governor Cuomo, bowing to pressure from the DEC, recently vetoed important legislation that would have declared a moratorium on the killing of mute swans in the state of New York

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Killing of Wildlife for Sport

Sport hunting, or killing as recreation, degrades the moral integrity of our society. Killing another animal, be it a bear or bobcat, or a dove or a swan, for sport eats at the fabric of our nation. Sport killing, maiming and wounding is not OK! We can no longer pretend, as so many have, that sport hunting of other creatures is a positive value for Society. Everyone touched by recreational violence is bears the scars.
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Caribbean Animal Welfare Alliance

The Pegasus Foundation, along with Humane Society International, is supporting Monitor Caribbean, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, which has recently established the Caribbean Animal Welfare Alliance (CAWA).  In June 2015, the bi-annual Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference, also sponsored by Pegasus, was held in Costa Rica.  At the request of the sponsors of that conference, Monitor Caribbean launched this new initiative …

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State Fish and Wildlife Agency Reform

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