Reward raised to $17,500 for “Pratt Whitney” dogs arrest

Over two dozen dogs were dumped off on the side of Pratt Whitney Road spurring an investigation by Martin County Sheriff’s detectives, who are currently trying to figure out the culprits. This is an on-going investigation.

The majority of the dogs were able to be captured by investigators on Thursday. However, some do remain hiding within the brush along the roadway.

The dogs are a small breed, most of which are Chihuahuas, and the majority of them appear to have a friendly and good natured personality. The dogs that were captured by deputies are not in good health.

Lieutenant Forrest Yingling remarked regarding how upsetting this situation was because no animal should receive this type of treatment, especially being dumped on the side of a roadway.

On Thursday evening, the total was raised to 27 because deputies used traps to catch two additional dogs. The traps were set out to catch the dogs primarily for safety concerns, and they had hoped to catch more than just two more dogs.

Lieutenant Yingling further remarked that there are a large number of coyotes indigenous to the area and, given that fact, the remaining dogs in the brush would have lasted three or four nights without being attacked or eaten.

Deputies are bringing all of the captured the dogs to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast to vets so can perform a thorough examination of each one. These examinations will help determine how healthy each dog is being placed into a foster home, as well as what treatments they must receive first.

Sarah Kornegay of the Humane Society noted that these dogs were suffering from parasites and fleas for a long period of time and, based on their opinion, this could not have happened overnight and it bothered her to see them suffering in such a way.

Examinations revealed many of the dogs had missing teeth and were also suffering issues with skin disease.

Jordan Gross from Animal Control is hoping that, once more people here the story about these dogs, someone will come forward having recognized these animals.

According to detectives, the person responsible for the dumping of these dogs will most likely be faced with charges. No information was provided as to what these charges could potentially be as of yet.

Each dog will need to be eventually placed into a foster home. For those who would like to and are willing to help, the first step to take is making contact with the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.

For those who have any information about the person who dumped the dogs along the roadside, please contact the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. 72-220-7170


JoAnne Matz, Founder of the Help Us Help Them Fund and Pegasus Founder Barbara Birdsey at the 2014 Pro-Am Charity Golf Tournament.