Marine Life Species Endangered of Extinction

Sea Turtles - Marine Life Species Endangered of Extinction

There are many animal species, too, much as a matter of fact that is at risk of extinction, on land and in the oceans of the world. For some reason, few people, except for the folks in tune with animal extinction, have their eyes on the endangered marine life species. All life on earth is dependent upon water, and the earth is well over 60% water and home to marine life at risk for endangered extinction.

The following animals of the earth are becoming slowly extinct, such as the elephant, tiger, and rhinoceros. Access the World Wide Fund for Nature and become aware of the new marine species added to this list of endangered animals, like the seashore, and the great white shark, who would have ever thought.

Sea Horses - Marine Life Species Endangered of Extinction

Marine life, endanger of extinction, including great white shark and seahorses, has joined the, rhinoceros, elephant, and tiger as being among the most threatened species, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

All these animals and many marine life species find themselves suddenly endangered of extinction due to, supposedly, human need, want, or desire. Too many people are cruel and uncaring about earth’s creatures on land or in the sea. We can thank the few individuals and organizations who work so diligently for these endangered marine life species to protect them with the goal of removing them from this endangered list.

It is not only the fantastic seahorse and the great white shark on this list, but another marine life has unfortunately been placed there, such as the bluefin tuna, and the beautiful tiny coral reef fish, to well over 100 more marine species.

Much of the general public does not put nature’s animals on their list of priorities. Few take into consideration the beauty of nature around them and the animals and marine life species in nature. Few consider what people and their mistakes such as pollution have done to the earth’s wildlife and ocean’s marine life species.

It is evident that too many people just does not care or lack any real interest in these animals and marine life species at risk of disappearing forever. Few people ever thought that our massive area of oceans in the world would give up the life it holds so dear, and marine life species become endangered of extinction, someday just to disappear forever.

This disappearance of marine life is due to many issues such as, but not limited to, pollution, general fishing techniques, and human error causing serious problems for species everywhere on land and in the oceans.

Fishing Nets - Marine Life Species Endangered of Extinction

One such grave problem is the way in which people fish commercially. Fishermen use drift nets, trawls, and long fishing lines that consequently snare unwanted marine life. These methods end up killing fish, birds, dolphins, squid, and much other marine life unintentionally. This fishing method is only one technique attributed to causing marine life extinction.

The government makes two lists of endangered species, and there are over 2,000 species currently at risk. One list includes those threatened and at risk for entering the endangered list while the other list includes species endangered and close to extinction. These threatened and endangered species extend far beyond the confines of America’s borders, into other countries.


Particular organizations formulated to help protect these species globally include CITES, and the International Whaling Commission is working tirelessly to protect all endangered species from extinction. These groups continually monitor marine life species, while working to change human patterns causing marine distinction.

These organizations try to increase marine populations of species at risk for endangerment. The only way these few people devoted to saving marine life species can succeed is through others becoming aware and finding a devotion to join forces giving some time to a cause that will save the food chain.