MSNBC Documentary Pulls Lid Off Sordid Practice of Canned Lion Hunting

Canned Hunting

Events like that of the dentist from Minnesota who shot a lion shed light on bigger problems. The dentist’s actions are a relatively common practice known by many names, like captive or canned hunting. This deplorable practice is sought by wealthy individuals who “hunt” animals that are corral or in a pen, in a no-kill-no-pay arrangement.

Safari Club International

Believe it or not, there are clubs that encourage this type of behavior. One of those clubs is the Safari Club International. This club offered awards and prizes for “accomplishments” by its members. For example, if you were to kill a lion, an elephant, a rhino, a leopard, and a Cape Buffalo, you would receive the African Big Five Grand Slam. This particular club is gearing up for its annual gala. The event is held to commemorate those who have achieved great kills.

Blood Lions

To stop events like this from happening, we will need constant public outcry. One of the ways to help gain an understanding of the situation is a documentary released by MSNBC, Blood Lions. This documentary focuses on the debunking the misconceptions that these captive huntings somehow aid conservation in the wild or that they support local communities. In fact, these hunts solely benefit the operators and facilities that conduct them. Watch the documentary tonight, October 7th at 10 pm EST