Increased Awareness

Through the generous support of the AGGWARD Fund of the Pegasus Foundation, we are strongly supporting the ongoing efforts of GREY2K USA. The GEY2K USA Education Fund is a national non-profit organization working to educate the public about the cruelty of dog racing.

Thousands of greyhounds are injured at commercial dog tracks all over the country. Injuries include broken legs, broken necks, spinal cord paralysis and sudden cardiac arrest. In Florida, dog tracks are not required to report the number of injuries sustained by racing dogs, but based on statistics from other states, injuries likely number in the thousands.

To help better educate the Florida public, Pegasus Foundation was proud to support the Florida Airport  Media Campaign to raise awareness to the cruelty of the dog racing industry and promoting adoption of ex racers through out the State. Advertising began in June of 2015 and ran for six months in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando and Tallahassee International Airports, as well as Tallahassee Regional Airport. With the help of the AGGWARD fund, Pegasus has also contributed to other media campaigns exposing the inhumanity of the greyhound racing industry.