The Pegasus Foundation continues to provide support for the disentanglement of whales and sea turtles through the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies . Since 1984 PCCS has saved many great whales , including the Northern Right Whale, whose numbers are so small that the loss of even one individual can be critical to the species. PCCS also rescues a variety of turtles and provides training and assistance worldwide. Pegasus was one of the original founders of the Cape Cod Stranding Network, which started as a grass roots effort to deal with the many whale and dolphin strandings that occur in the waters around Cape Cod. Now,that effort is handled by the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Marine Mammal Rescue Program. This is a far cry from the beginnings 30 years ago. Today the personnel and equipment are state of the art in all ways. They also offer training to stranding efforts worldwide.