We are a collaboration of non-profit animal organizations seeking to dramatically increase spaying and neutering of owned, abandoned, and homeless companion animals living in the Treasure Coast of Florida. Our individual mandates vary—from open in-take to no-kill shelters to rescue/adoption without a shelter, and even one in-field animal care operating out of a van. We’re all about rescuing and restoring cats and dogs to happy lives in forever homes or safe shelters while preventing overpopulation through animal sterilization.

Each member organization has its own mission, initiatives, services, and leadership. However, as an Alliance, we:

  • Share information about animal issues, new technologies, and changes that impact local animal ordinances.
  • Maximize our individual efforts through sharing both resources and data that allows us to expand services and measure effectiveness.
  • Provide funding to our members that allows them to go beyond what their resources can achieve.
  • Support a no-exceptions spay/neuter policy prior to adoptions.
  • Provide no– or low-cost services to people in our communities who cannot afford standard veterinary fees to spay/neuter their animals.
  • Sponsor spay/neuter and adoption events to raise community awareness.
  • Educate the public about humane animal practices.