Species Threatened by Deforestation


Animals serve an important role in the world. Each and every one of them adds to the evolutionary process. However, more and more of these animals are getting added to the endangered species list. The Endangered Species list is not a good list to be on for animals.


Once one of the species becomes obliterated, due to deforestation or another form of devastation, these animals will not be alive anymore. Their lives will cease to exist. This can be a scary concept for many of us to consider. Now there are many people out there who don’t give the idea of deforestation or extinction a second thought. Allow me to paint a different picture for you.

What if this were happening to us. This might change the minds on how some of us view this very topic of conversation. Allow me to paint another scenario for you. Below there is a small list of animals that are already on the list. Here’s hoping that some of your favorite animals haven’t made it on the list.

1) THE MOUNTAIN GORILLA— This species began decreasing back in 1993. If you are familiar with a movie that came out years ago. The movie was based on the studies David Attenborough had conducted a few years prior.

While the habitat and this species have not been obliterated completely, it’s happening very quickly. The more research we can do for these animals and the more money we raise, the less their habitat will be in danger.

2) THE GIANT PANDA  Back in 2006, this creature was put on the endangered list. Cut to 13 years later, there is still no relief in sight. In fact, it was just documented the other day that the numbers of this creature have declined in a colossal, big way. There are hardly any left. The actual number I believe is done to less than 5.

3) THE TIGER  Yes. One of the most majestic creatures nature had ever created is now all but gone. The White Tiger was labelled as “extinct” the other week. The main reason for this creature’s mighty fall is due to deforestation. There is also a lot of pouching going on.

There are big companies paying by bucks to have some of these animals pouched for their gain. There is, even more, pressure for the tiger to be kept safe, due to the overwhelming urge to have them hunted. There have been huge numbers already being reported as gone. The numbers keep on adding.


There are lots of ways to get involved with this sort of thing. There are lots of ways to make an impact. You can go online to World Wild Life site. There are ways to donate to these organizations. There are also ways you can adopt an animal.

When you adopt one of the animals, you save them in so many ways. You not only will be saving their lives. You will get information on how they are doing every so often. It’s a cool way to know you are making a big difference.

The bottom line is, we need to do something now. These are not the only animals being threatened. There are so much more. You can find all of the animals on the WWW site. Please take a moment to help out today. You are not only saving an animal’s life. You are contributing to making the world a better place.

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