evil rivals of the village cocks started a fight at the summer yard

Over 1,300 Animals Used For Fighting Were Rescued From Deplorable Conditions

In a civilized society, you would think that animal fighting would be something that you would not have to worry about. Sadly, it is alive and well in the United States. It is happening in rural areas, in cities and towns, it occurs in the Midwest, the south, the north, and the west coast. Lower income people take part in it, and people with plenty of money do too.

Recently, over 1300 animals which were used for fighting were rescued. They were kept in deplorable conditions. The ASPCA has taken them in to give them the care that they have been lacking for so long. It’s heartbreaking to see the dogs and roosters that were on this property.

The roosters had cuts from razor blades that had been attached to their feet, the dogs had deep wounds from fighting. It’s unbelievable that there are those who find watching animals fight, entertaining. What is entertaining about pain and abuse?

In many states, animal cruelty is a felony. However, that fact is not enough to stop those who enjoy animal fighting. Not only do they find it entertaining, but it’s also lucrative. Bets are made on which dog or which rooster will win.

While the majority of people find the idea of dogfights, and cockfights to be reprehensible, there are those who enjoy it and even make videos teaching others how to get started.

Consider the lives that these dogs lead. A female dog will have litter after litter of puppies. The puppies are raised to fight. Once a dog can no longer fight, it is killed. These dogs are often beaten to make them tough. They never know what it’s like to be loved and cared for. They don’t go on walks in the country or play in the backyard with their family. They are often chained outside in all weather conditions, without even a basic shelter to protect them from the elements.

The only way to stop this is to say something. If you suspect that this is going on in your neighborhood, contact the authorities. Support organizations that help save these animals. In many cases, these dogs can be rehabilitated and adopted out to families that can give them a loving, forever home that is safe from the abuse that is a regular, everyday occurrence to them. Dog fighting and any type of fighting that involves animals has to be stopped. Raising awareness about this heinous crime is a step in the right direction. It’s important to remember that these animals don’t have a choice or a voice, so it’s up to caring citizens to be that voice for them.

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