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A Large Step In Ending Animal Cruelty

The laws on animal cruelty just got serious. Until now, the punishment for abusing an animal was nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Hurting an animal carried with it no weight. Now, finally, abused animals are getting the justice they deserve. Thanks to a new bill passed by the Senate, any person found to be abusing an animal will now receive a felony sentence. What is this bill? How does it work? It’s time to take a more in-depth look into the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act.

What Is the PACT Act?

The PACT Act is a new bill prohibiting the mistreatment of animals. Finally, a law sees that, if a person harms an animal, they will find themselves in trouble. No longer will these incidents be treated as if they are insignificant. Instead, animal abusers will receive felony charges.

This act hopes to reduce animal abuse. In the past years, heinous trends such as animal crushing have become popular. Many defenseless creatures have lost their lives due to these senseless acts. Thanks to this new bill, many animals who could have met the same fate will get a chance at a better experience.

What Is the Punishment for Animal Cruelty

The punishment stipulated for violations of this law is up to 7 years in prison. In other words, the bill can charge people who take part in animal crushing, fighting, or even operate puppy mills in the same way. Before this bill, federal prosecutors could not control these actions. With this violation being called a felony, it carries life-hindering repercussions.

Who Does The Act Cover

Dogs and cats are not the only ones who are at risk of torture. Under the PACT Act, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and non-human mammals are all protected. The bill will cover the protection of many other species who have been without a voice in the years prior.

The PACT Act is the first time that these many different animals are under the protection of one single bill. The reasoning behind it is that animal abuse is a serious matter.

Years In The Making

For years, many animal support groups have fought to see stricter laws against abuse. On November 5th, 2019, the PACT Act was finally passed. With a unanimous vote from all parties, the legislation surrounding animal abuse is now stricter than ever.

For years, animal groups have fought to get an audience. After all of the back and forth, their time has finally come.

The PACT Act is a massive step in the war to protect animals. Hopefully, this bill will help other countries with less strict or no laws against animal abuse to strengthen their animal welfare programs. It is the hope that this bill will aid the general understanding that animal cruelty is not acceptable.

With this act now in play, many animals will get the chance to live out their full lives. The individuals behind the deaths of innocent creatures will receive punishment. A felony charge is no small feat. Finally, there is a voice for putting an end to certain types of animal abuse.

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