A male lion is sitting on the rock

Animal Extinction: How We Can Help

Our world is an incredible habitat for millions of life forms, some strange and some breathtakingly beautiful. When facing Animal Extinction, it is hard to imagine the world without the variety of species existing today.

So what can we do to help make sure future generations can enjoy the nature and wildlife of the world? Here are a few things that may help endangered species which you can do today.

How To Avoid Animal Extinction

1. Education. More than anything, knowledge can make a change. Educate and familiarize yourself with the animals on the endangered species list/ You may surprise by just how many animals and which ones are on there. Spread the world in ways you can bring awareness, perhaps with art, music or sharing with others who want to listen. Being aware is the first step to addressing the problem.

2. Volunteering. Whether it is a special park that has protected lands where endangered species live, or a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center; many places could use your help in this fight for preserving the wildlife and endangered species. You can choose among donating, helping with the outreach program, helping clean the facility or park, or any other job that needs attention. Often, because they are not commercial institutions, these centers may be low on funds and helping hands. Do what you can and participate in their noble mission to save endangered life.

3. Plant native species of plants in your area to combat invasive species and be aware of cross-contamination of eco-systems. You may have seen more signs popping up that warn boaters to wash off the barnacles from the sides of their boat. It is because invasive species are becoming a serious problem. When an invasive plant or animal enters an eco-system where it proliferates, it can seriously crowd out the native species, including endangered ones. They may also destroy precious habitat that these endangered species require, making it harder for wildlife to survive. Familiarize yourself with local invasive species and either volunteer to help remove or plant native plants to support your environment.

4. Be involved in local environmental politics and voters rights. When you know who your candidates are that support environmental sustainability and endangered species protection and awareness, you can make decisions to help bring more power to environment protecting movements.

5. Look for sustainable seafood sources. Something as simple as being aware of where you buy your fish can make a difference. By supporting sustainable seafood practices, you are choosing to fund operations that are thinking about the future of the oceans. Overhunting a species can make it generally less available for everybody, including dolphins, sea lions, and other species that feed on the same fish sources. Besides, some boating practices may also choose to ignore when they accidentally capture a dolphin with their fish. Searching for fish that is dolphin safe and sustainable fishing is so important today.

If you are considering helping endangered species, contact us to get more information about it and contribute to our foundation. At Pegasus Foundation, We work every day to protect all animals, we care about them, and so we want to do the best we can for them. Help us today!