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Plastic Pollution Affects Sea Life Throughout the Ocean

Plastic Pollution Affects Sea Life Plastic products have become a staple of modern life. Plastics are lightweight and durable. This makes plastic useful to people but dangerous to sea life. Marine animals such as fish, sea birds, and sea turtles can ingest or become entangled in plastic debris, injuring or killing them. In recent decades, […]

Cats with Purple Paws Have a Darkly Abusive Past

It just breaks my heart to have to write about a topic so distressing! It’s hard, but harder still is knowing that if I don’t, another animal will suffer a horrific end-of-life event. Talking about cats with purple paws might mean that at least one little creature can avoid this awful fate. What Do Purple […]

A Large Step In Ending Animal Cruelty

The laws on animal cruelty just got serious. Until now, the punishment for abusing an animal was nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Hurting an animal carried with it no weight. Now, finally, abused animals are getting the justice they deserve. Thanks to a new bill passed by the Senate, any person found […]

Warm Weather in SF Bay Area Means More Tarantulas

Thousands of male tarantulas are roaming the streets of San Francisco, looking for love in all the right places – or the wrong places, if you are a human being who suffers from arachnophobia! These giant hairy spiders typically mate from the end of August, with their mating season ending in early fall. In a […]

People Are Boycotting Jimmy John Over Animals Cruelty

The Backlash Social media is holding Jimmy John’s responsible for the actions of its owner. It appears that Jimmy John Liautaud, the owner of this chain of restaurants, has been exposed for his hobby that involves enjoying the suffering and cruel hunting of the world’s beautiful animals. When an image of the owner surfaced on […]

Why the V.A. Won’t Pay for Service Dogs to Treat PTSD

Dogs certainly are man’s best friend. There are so many breeds; some of them have amazing features, capabilities, and add to the safety of humankind. They are used in hunting, protecting, finding people in disasters, and even keeping you company. Dogs offer unconditional love, and they are incredibly loyal creatures. They’ll meet you at the […]

Black Vulture Problem Eating Animals Alive

Over the past decades, Kentucky farmers have reported numerous issues with the black vulture population attacking newborn livestock. There have been reports of these predatory birds pecking full-grown ewes, lambs and even young calves to death. These birds start by pecking out the eyes and tongue, and then they continue to peck until every shred […]