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Should Wolf Protections Continue?

In 1975, wolves received protection as endangered species. There were only a thousand wolves left in Northern Minnesota at the time; today more than five-thousand reside mostly in the Northern Rockies and the Western Great Lakes region of the United States. That increase has now brought into view the future of wolves and if their […]

Found Extinct Animals: Giant Bee & Tortoise Return from the Dead

With the concern about our planet becoming an everyday conversation, conservation has taken leaps. Humans are desperately trying to save species from the brink of extinction. One such example is the Northern White Rhino, which only has one individual left in the world. But what about those animals that have disappeared? Can they ever return? […]

Animal Extinction: How We Can Help

Our world is an incredible habitat for millions of life forms, some strange and some breathtakingly beautiful. When facing Animal Extinction, it is hard to imagine the world without the variety of species existing today. So what can we do to help make sure future generations can enjoy the nature and wildlife of the world? […]

What Do Ontario’s New Slaughter Laws Mean For Animals?

With an amendment to some of the regulations for slaughterhouses, Ontario has made some changes to the way that animals must be handled during the process. The new slaughter law has loosened rules for inspecting animals who have been killed on the farm prior to slaughtering them at meat plants. Under the previous law, ill […]

A Noble Eagle on the Edge of Extinction Thrives Under Devoted Caretakers

People living in the United States are well familiar with the country’s majestic bald eagle. Fewer know about the equally spectacular eagle found in the Philippines known as Banog, which means the bird of prey. The Philippine Eagle or Pithecophaga Jeffery is also referred to as the monkey-eating eagle for its favorite jungle meal. Unfortunately, […]

Deaths of Eight Rare Rhinos in Kenya is a Blow to Conservation

Plant and animal species around the world live under the constant threat of endangerment and extinction. While grizzly bears, bald eagles, and manatees are high-profile success stories for conservation efforts, others remain at risk. The Pacific Bluefin Tuna, for example, faces overfishing and habitat decline. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) currently classifies […]

The New Yellow Bat Species

There have been two new bat species found in Kenya. These two new species are from the Scotophilus family. The two new bat species are part of the yellow bat species. There needs to be more testing done to confirm these are two new bat species. The new yellow bats were found in a remote […]