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Cats with Purple Paws Have a Darkly Abusive Past

It just breaks my heart to have to write about a topic so distressing! It’s hard, but harder still is knowing that if I don’t, another animal will suffer a horrific end-of-life event. Talking about cats with purple paws might mean that at least one little creature can avoid this awful fate.

What Do Purple Paws Mean?

For those of you who have never heard about cats with purple paws, felines marked that way have been selected to be thrown into the fight ring between two fighting dogs. These canines often fight to the death, and they have received “training” to fight/kill any animals placed in front of them. That is not to say that these dogs are beyond rehabilitation and cannot go to a forever home; they can. Usually, they get put in an adult-only home. The only other option is euthanasia, which sadly is the most common outcome for these poor animals.

The scum who treats life so callously gets a cheap thrill out of felines thrown into the ring during a fight, making money in the process. These cats are painted with purple so that gamblers can make wagers on which one will die first. It’s not even a question on whether the cat dies or not; these people will leave these poor animals in the ring until one of the dogs kill them.

Those who run this awful business also use other animals, but felines are the favored victims. Why? Since cats are so agile and resourceful, it makes for “good” entertainment.

How These People Operate Before Painting Purple Paws

These monsters will pick up “free to a good home” animals and strays they can catch. They target pampered and domesticated kitties that will come up for a pet or treat even from someone they don’t know. It is devastating to think that these awful people could catnap one of my animals. Our animals are family members and treated as such. They sleep in our beds, receive pets, and enjoy playtime. Our plans revolve around them. I think they would go into shock and die before a dog could ever get to them. The thought is almost too much to bear, and the fact that this occurs is downright haunting!

The above M.O. is also how these awful humans obtain their “bait” dogs. There is a never-ending supply of animals due to owners that won’t or “can’t afford” to get their pets fixed and under control.

I have a soft spot for large dogs that, for the most part, are not targeted by this disgusting business. I have a great Pyrenese/Yellow lab mix and a Mastiff/Catahoula mix. They are both about 26 inches and weigh about 100 – 112 pounds each. They are physically able to take on a human being and do some significant damage. These lowlifes don’t have the means of taking large dogs without a fight unless they obtained the dog in question as a puppy. Most pet nappers opt for smaller animals they can pick up and carry.

Felines are very easy to come by for the kill betting. If you ever find an animal with purple paws, call law enforcement immediately! Sometimes those types of calls can bust a ring operating in the area, and authorities can make efforts to save these little angels on earth. There is something very wrong with our world that atrocities of this nature exist.

In my mind, a picture floats up of my labrador retriever. He was outside a box I made for my cat to give birth in. I left a lip on it high enough to let mama out, but keep kittens in. My lab was making sure none of the other dogs bothered her kittens while she ate and relieved herself.

What twisted mind could throw so many lives away like that? The people who organize and participate in this kind of cruel activity could quickly escalate the game to include children. Help keep that from happening by staying vigilant and reporting abused animals and animals painted with purple dye.

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