Elephant ride

Elephants Need Protection from Tourism Exploitation

Rajasthan in India is known due to its wide variety of offerings for tourists. The most important one is the elephant ride at Amber Fort (known as Amer Fort).

While visiting the place, some bloggers like Shubhobroto Ghosh, who participates in the “ Wildlife Projects Manager” in India, witnessed the elephant abuse in Rajasthan.

Tourists are attracted by the promise of experiencing an exotic India while having the opportunity to get close to these beautiful wild animals. Unfortunately, the scale of elephants´abuse is, and the hidden suffering behind these rides is tremendous.

Elephants are captured from the wild, generally as babies. They undergo a brutal training process called ‘the crush’ in which they are beaten and starved into submission by their handlers. After this torture, they are brought into these venues such as Amber Fort, to carry humans on their backs and become props in an entertainment display.

Studies revealed that most elephants (around 100) show multiple health problems such as foot injuries, damaged eyes, and fatigue caused by their unnatural activity like walking over concrete surfaces which cause them pain and distress.

As regards their food, it is nutritionally inadequate, and it barely fuels them for the steep slope they are forced to climb.

This kind of cruelty is generally promoted by travel and tour operators, that is why a petition was filed and handed to the Supreme Court of India to stop their suffering, to stop elephants’ rides.

Since the elephant is India’s National Heritage Animal, they are used to as an attraction. However, the way they are treated shows a complete lack of concern for a wild animal which is, in fact, extremely social.

Many alternatives to their exploitation have been proposed; travel companies were urged to remove elephant rides and shows from their itineraries and instead offer some animal-friendly tours. Sustainable solutions have been looked into to protect elephants in Rajasthan, to provide these animals with some dignity after a lifetime of abuse.

Besides, the elephant has a rich history in India, it is worshipped and revered in its culture. It is hard to understand why then they are killed for ivory and illegally traded as objects of entertainment.

The World Animal Protection is emphatically working to make people treat these animals with respect so as wild animals, they stay in the wild and they do not become prisoners in the entertainment world suffering their whole lives.

Join us to protect Wild animals, especially elephants, which are facing cruelty on a daily basis in the tourist entertainment industry. We can work together to put and end to this madness. Please contact us for more information and if you can to contribute with our organization to help these and many other endangered animals.