The Yellow-winged bat

The New Yellow Bat Species

There have been two new bat species found in Kenya. These two new species are from the Scotophilus family. The two new bat species are part of the yellow bat species. There needs to be more testing done to confirm these are two new bat species. The new yellow bats were found in a remote area of Kenya. They were discovered by scientists quite by accident.

When determining whether there is a new bat species, scientists do many tests. These tests are done on the DNA of the bats. This is a difficult task to do. Bats are known to carry many diseases. They hide in remote areas, and they are often difficult to catch. However, with the advances in DNA, it is becoming easier and easier to test the species of bats. Scientists merely have to extract a small fur sample from the bat.

The DNA in the fur is then tested. This will determine whether there are new species of yellow bats in the world. The yellow bats are unique. They have many characteristics that set them apart from other bat species. Once, all the studies are confirmed, there will be further reports on these new yellow bat species. This is an exciting time for scientists to discover a new species of bat.

The Scotophilus bat species are a special kind of bat. These bats are found mostly in Africa. However, they can also be found in southern Asia. When identifying bat species, it is important to remember that because a bat looks the same as the others, does not necessarily mean it has the same DNA characteristics.

These tests are not a simple task. When, doing tests on a wild animal, such as the bat species it can be difficult. The bat species covers many diseases. These diseases can be fatal to humans. That is why scientists are careful when studying bat species. These advancements in DNA testing make it a little easier to discover new bat species. But, it does not lessen the risk to the scientist. Bats still carry many infectious diseases. These can be serious. Rabies is not the only disease that a bat species is likely to carry.

The Scotophilus bat species are known to have yellow color on their bellies. This is why they are referred to as yellow bats. Yellow bats are different from the ordinary bats found in the United States. Researchers from the United States are conducting all necessary tests on these two new species to be discovered.

These two new bat species to be discovered have not yet been named. This is because there needs to be further testing done on the species found. These tests will identify whether they are a brand-new species that have never been discovered, or if these species have evolved from other species.

When the testing is complete, the two new species will have names. If it is proven that these are two brand-new species that have not been named, the scientists who discovered them will have to name them.

For more information on the two new yellow bat species that have been discovered, you will need to conduct an internet search. There are many articles about these species. Your research should not be as intense as the scientists who discovered this new bat species.

These scientists are working on where to put the new species on the bat family tree. Once all research is complete, they will know exactly where to put them on the bat family tree. Some scientists working on the testing for the new species feel they already know where these new bats belong to.

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