Animal Cruelty

People Are Boycotting Jimmy John Over Animals Cruelty

The Backlash

Social media is holding Jimmy John’s responsible for the actions of its owner. It appears that Jimmy John Liautaud, the owner of this chain of restaurants, has been exposed for his hobby that involves enjoying the suffering and cruel hunting of the world’s beautiful animals.

When an image of the owner surfaced on the web, it took Twitter by storm. The image was Jimmy John Liautaud standing next to an elephant that he had killed. Selling meat products is one thing but to partake in the suffering of innocent animals is another! The caption of the tweet stated, “Owner of Jimmy Johns celebrating the killing of a beautiful animal. Remember next time you want a sub. Please retweet!”

Sure enough, the Twitter audience made this tweet go viral. There are many retweets responding with both angry and heartfelt messages. The reason being is that the owner has a facial expression that reads ultimate satisfaction when in reality he had completed one of the cruelest acts. To hunt for sport and not for necessity is unjustified. And, to take pride in such a vicious act is morally wrong, kind of twisted.

The most common tweets were of Twitter users expressing their love for delicious sandwiches but not wanting to support Jimmy Johns. “Subway is delicious and doesn’t support hunting,” was PETA’s response. #BoycottJimmyJohns has since went viral on Twitter. There has still not been any responses from Jimmy Johns Liautaud nor his restaurant chain.

Going Vegan

There is a lot of support behind the movement of boycotting the company. Some Twitter users and activists have taken the opportunity to shed light on why going vegan is so important. Not only is it an amazing transformation from the “normal” foods floating around society but it is also another way to stand up for animal rights. It is no secret that the hunting and killing of animals were strictly survival tactics many years ago. So the fact that entitled human beings still find a hunt for sport and take the lives of innocent animals, leaves other is angst.

There are many advocates that are dedicated to speaking out against Animals cruelty. It turns out that many different groups have been attempting to boycott and ban Jimmy Johns for years. Other photos have surely surfaced of the owner standing giddily behind a slain bear that he surely killed. The grin on his face is surely sickening.

Twitter users are questioning the inhumane acts of this man. They are also referring to him as a monster. There are images resurfacing It’s not the first time that the restaurateur has committed such inhuman acts. Images are floating around of Liautaud posing wit dead leopards as well as a female black rhino. Some say that there is a possibility that this was could have been the last rhino of the sort in the Magnetti national park. The public is asking for some type of awareness to be brought to the public. And more importantly, that someone puts a stop to this madness. Although there is no possible way to ensure that Liautaud never kills again. Sources say that hunting is a “pay-to-play” sport meaning people are willing to spend money to entertain their selfish egos in order to continue the ruthless act. But, at least this will limit the shameless boasting and hurtful images that keep surfacing the internet. The idea of using photos as trophies is giving off serial hunter vibes and that scares the public. What good is human rights if animals cruelty is not receiving justice?