Victory for Martin County Florida Animals,
Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return Passed!

Martin County, Florida November 28, 2017/

After a long hard battle to reform animal control and welfare legislation in Martin County, Pegasus Foundation, Caring Fields Felines and Dominoes Cat Rescue League have won one for the voiceless today!The Martin County Commission adopted an amendment today to Chapter 9, the Animal Care and Control Ordinance, to establish a permanent Trap-Neuter/Spay-Vaccinate-Return to Field (TNVR) ordinance.

The ordinance was submitted by Caring Fields Felines to permanently extend a five-year pilot program which successfully reduced the feral cat population by 42% in the 10 colonies that were the subject of the pilot program.

The new ordinance makes TNVR a permanent program, authorizing “community cat caregivers” throughout the County to feed, shelter and provide medical attention to colonies and allowing CFF to continue to trap feral and abandoned cats, have them sterilized, vaccinated and returned to the area where they were trapped.  Kittens born to cats that have been trapped will be retained and made available for adoption.

TNVR, whether you support it or not, is the most effective way of reducing the free roaming cat population and feline shelter intake numbers. Pegasus Foundation has devoted countless hours in the past 2 years in reforming shelter standards of care, advocating for a Target Zero Euthanasia Policy, similar to the success of Brevard and Palm Beach County and most importantly adopting TNVR legislation. Today we have taken the first step. With your support we can continue our work in implementing all these policies in Martin County. Big thank you’s to all those supporters of reform in Martin County.  For more information about TNVR and its success in Palm Beach County visit and Target Zero visit