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Our Mission

The Pegasus Foundation improves animal welfare through effective grant making and education in the United States, the Caribbean, Native American lands, Africa and Asia.

Through a strategy of engaged philanthropy, the Pegasus Foundation serves as a catalyst to help non-profit organizations achieve their potential by forming partnerships, leveraging resources, and educating the public. The Pegasus Foundation seeks to inspire collaborations by organizing conferences and meetings, and facilitating communications.

The Pegasus Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.


"Polar bear on edge of ice flow preparing to jump in the water.  The location is Svalbard (Spitsbergen), north of Norway."

Polar Bears: Treading Water in the Sea of Climate Change

Known as the white bear, the ice bear, the Lord of the Arctic,…
The Sumatran tiger.

How the Once Wide Roaming Tiger Became Endangered

The iconic black and orange stripes of the world's largest cat…
Elephants at Maasai Mara parkland located on the border of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. See my other photos from Kenya:

How You Can Help Elephant Populations Be Conserved

Elephants are one of the main species to have suffered from habitat…
Cub of Giant panda bear playing on tree Chengdu, China

Giant Panda: One of the Most Threatened Bears in the World

The distinctive black and white bear is considered a national…
Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium announced that it will no longer capture whales and dolphins - Pegasus Foundation

Switching from an organization that was already making deals…
A male Peregrine Falcon perches with wings spread on his falconer's leather-gloved fist.More Peregrine Falcon:

Species that are no longer threatened by extinction

Conservationists have made progress in getting animals delisted…